Who Replaces Joe DeCamara, Jon Ritchie, and James Seltzer on the 94 WIP Midday Show?

After what seemed like friggin’ forever, WIP announced on Thursday morning that Angelo Cataldi will be replaced by the entire midday show. Joe “The Hammer” DeCamara, Jon Ritchie, and James Seltzer will all move up to mornings when the Yankees fan retires after the Eagles season.

Obviously this leaves a huge gap in middays, because the entire show is gone. They have to shuffle the deck, and here are some ideas that might be under consideration:

1) Promote Joe Giglio

Seems like the no-brainer move to me. Giglio moves from nights to the midday show. The question is whether he flies solo or has a co-host. Is it a two-man booth + producer? You could reunite Giglio with Jack Fritz and replicate what The Cuz does with The Choonis, but that Marks/Reese/Fritz trio has a lot of chemistry and you have to think about that as well. There’s also another daypart talent contract that needs to be addressed as well.

2) Is Hugh Douglas in play?

Jeff Blumenthal reported Wednesday that Audacy had talks with Hugh Douglas about a potential return:

A source said former Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas has been contacted by Audacy to see if he would be interested in returning to WIP. It does not appear that Douglas would be part of the morning team — more likely filling another day part shift, which would indicate that the station is looking to move some combination of DeCamara, Ritchie, Marks and Reese to mornings with Douglas targeted as a replacement.

They’d have a former Eagle on every day part, which is on brand for WIP. Ritchie, Douglas, and Ike Reese.

3) Give Jamie Lynch a call

Jamie was let go by Beasley a couple of weeks ago and used to work at WIP back in the day. Even if it’s nights/weekends/part time, I think they’d be smart to give him a call. Based on the reaction we saw, the decision to let go of The Silent Bro seemed to be an immensely unpopular decision.

4) Can you lure Ross Tucker?

We had Ross on Crossing Broadcast recently, and he noted that he loves doing color commentary for college football on the weekends. He also does several podcasts and has myriad commitments already. This is how he answered the question when I asked it:

5) surely not Mikey Miss?

I don’t think Mike was ever a real thought for WIP, but you never know! If they ever did bring him over, they wouldn’t put him on middays, because that’s the lesser of the three main daypart shifts. You’d have Mike on afternoons instead. Wouldn’t that be something? Mike going up against his former producer at 97.5 and working the same WIP shift of his former rival, Howard Eskin.

For what it’s worth, I put the odds on Mike going back to WIP somewhere around +10000 right now.

6) some combination of younger guys

Eliot Shorr-Parks, Fritz, etc. These guys do weekend shifts and are logging a lot of on-air experience. If WIP wanted to continue the trend of promoting from within, but Giglio is not in the picture, then this would be an option to consider. I don’t know if they’d have ESP do a regular shift though, since his duties bring him down to NovaCare and Lincoln Financial Field. Another thought is to have Giglio move to middays, but then have Fritz go to nights instead.

7) any part time or weekend guys interested?

Seems like Glen, Jody, and Sielski are cool with their current roles. I don’t think they’re looking for more. You do have Rob Ellis on weekends, who once did middays for WIP. Rickie Ricardo has other obligations. Angry Bob? Marcus Hayes? Tom Kelly? I don’t know how WIP management feels about most of the nights/weekends/part time/peripheral guys. Jon Johnson is locked up on Big Daddy’s old shift as well, so I can’t imagine he’s going anywhere.

7A (edit) – call Mike Gill

Honest to God, WIP should call Mike. I’m not just saying that because he’s a WVU mountaineer. His 97.3 ESPN show is good and he came through the WIP ranks. I honestly think he’d be perfect doing 10-2 at WIP.

8) revert back to 94 WYSP

Instead of sports from 10-2, we’ll take a four-hour music break instead. You’ll hear Pearl Jam and Jane’s Addiction for the seven millionth time, then a lucky caller will win tickets to the Seether show at the Tweeter Center! But first, we’re gonna keep it going with some Def Leppard. It’s the rock you grew up with! <Jennifer Reed voice>