Tuesday, Preston and Steve and their crew spent 10 minutes explaining why Villanova head coach Kyle Neptune wasn’t going to participate in their pop-a-shot thing at the Camp Out for Hunger charity event. The gist is that Jay Wright used to do the event every year with the other Big 5 coaches, he retired, and so they tried to get Neptune involved, but some Nova assistant was rude up and hung up on them. That’s their story.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and it appears the conflict has been settled. Here’s Neptune on the show:

I listened for a little bit, but they didn’t discuss the Tuesday allegations, at least not that I heard. I wouldn’t expect them to anyway, because it would be uncomfortable and because it doesn’t matter. Some Villanova person was probably alerted to the story and said “hey, this is a bad look, let’s get coach down to the event.”

At the same time, I heard back from people who thought it was corny for Preston and Steve’s crew to spend 10 minutes talking about this on Tuesday. “I thought Preston and Steve were lame for that,” someone said to me. Maybe it was lame, maybe it wasn’t, but sometimes when you go public with a gripe, it results in action being taken, and at the end of the day, Neptune was there, Nova was represented, and you wipe the slate clean and start over with the relationship.

Whatever. Life goes on. Go Cats, go Big Five, rah rah blah blah.