Holy shit what a night. Not one but ✌️ court storms:

Damian Dunn made big shot after shot, Jamille Reynolds came up big against Eric Dixon, and Aaron McKie finally gets his signature win. I mean how does Kyle Neptune (who allegedly hates charity) lose in all velvet when the guy on the other bench looks like he just rolled out of bed for his work-from-home sales job? How do you talk to the team after the game looking like a blackjack table? We’re on ESPNU dude. This isn’t the Final Four.

Just a sore loser effort from the Main Line all around on Friday night. From the coach to alumni showing off their trophies like they’re the Dallas Cowboys:

We’ve had seven pandemics since then bro! TikTok wasn’t even a thing the last time Nova won it all. You hate to see it from a once proud institution. Can’t believe how fast the mighty have fallen. From the ref calling a foul with .2 left to go and Neptune BEGGING for a technical foul because the students rushed the court. Then there’s Brizzi flopping so badly on the last play it would make Collin Gillespie proud:

THEN for Nova to call timeout after Zach Hicks sinks two more foul shots to go up 4? Just absolute bush league shit all around.

I hope Villanova loses every game the rest of the season. They’re not good. Caleb Daniels looks like Stanley from The Office dribbling from one side of the court to the other block while everyone stands around and watches (didn’t see him go left once btw). Chris Arcidiacono is a liability. If the dude can’t play defense what the hell is he out there for? This is Villanova. Not Make-A-Wish. Brandon Slater is a problem, but he has ankle braces that a young Forrest Gump would think are a little much. That Longino dude is the sweatiest human being I’ve ever seen and I used to play in a Men’s League at LA Fitness. He might have a medical condition:

I mean when’s the last time you saw a Villanova team only take seven threes the whole game? It’s going to be a lonnnnnnng year out on the Main Line.

I’m so happy for the Temple players, especially after losing to Wagner. A lot of fans expected this to be a tournament team and were punched in the mouth the first game of the season. But that’s Temple basketball. If it was easy, everyone would be a fan.

Give me the Big 5 baby! –