I don’t know if you heard, but this weekend the Big 5 officially came back. Is it a coincidence the same weekend we were reminded of one of the greatest traditions thanks to Georgia Southern? Absolutely not. It’s time we get the streamers back in Big 5 games:

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the tradition, during Big 5 games after each team’s first made basket, fans would litter the floor with streamers of their team’s colors. The NCAA banned this in 1985 because they hate fun and thought it was dangerous. Temple and La Salle gave them the middle finger in 2014 via Rob Dauster at NBCSports.com:

The practice has been banned since the early 90s, with technicals being assessed to each team for objects being thrown on the floor. On Saturday, when the technicals were called, the coaches for both teams instructed their players to put their foot on the foul line as they shot, making sure the free throws didn’t count.

Here’s video:

If anything, college basketball needs more tradition. The way conference realignment is going, one day Duke and UNC probably won’t play twice a year. It’s time we get the Big 5 back to the Palestra for every game. The split crowd, the small venue, and the history of the Palestra on the walls as you walk to your seats is unlike anything you can find in college basketball today.

You can even add new concepts to the Big 5 to keep it fresh. Adding Drexel and using the relegation model would be awesome. Have a round robin type of tournament like you do now and whoever comes in last gets relegated to the City 6 until next year. You can seed each team the next year how they finished in the Big 5 standings the year prior. Is it going to matter in the grand scheme of things? Absolutely not. But in hindsight the Big 5 doesn’t matter towards anything except your record. It was always about shit talking and bragging rights. I now own Kyle Scott for the next 365 days. Imagine if Villanova makes it to the Final Four this year. What do I care? Now I can claim the Temple Owls were just as good as a Final Four team.