Back in June we announced a futures offer at the Crossing Broad Sportsbook. Which Flyers reporter will John Tortorella chew out first?

The odds looked something like this when we first started and there was little movement over the next five months:

  • Sam Carchidi: -10000*
  • Howard “The King” Eskin: -5000
  • Mike Sielski: -250
  • Charlie O’Connor: -200
  • Russell Joy: -125
  • Jordan Hall: +125
  • Dan Gelston: +200
  • Anthony SanFilippo: +250
  • the field: +300
  • John Clark: +500
  • Giana Han: +1000
  • Olivia Reiner: +1000
  • Taryn Hatcher: +2500
  • Wayne Fish: +2500

In recent days, the odds-on favorite has come dangerously close to cashing. We’re not totally sure however, and need a ruling on whether these exchanges with Sam Carchidi qualify:

Okay, so we’ve got a “none of your business, ask me about the game” (with emphatic podium slapping) and a “Jesus Christ” from Torts. We’ll have to go to the CB Sportsbook politburo for a ruling on this, and whether or not those -10000 bets have cashed. The reason for the asterisk next to Sam’s name is because we were thinking about removing him from the board entirely, since he was the outright favorite.

If the politburo rules that this bet did not yet cash, we will instead move the line on Carchidi to -1500000, because it seems inevitable that Torts will blow up on him sooner rather than later. The groundwork has been laid. Sam looks to be the new Larry Brooks. We’ve avoided a Torts explosion because the team is exceeding expectations thus far, but he’s gonna lose his shit sooner rather than later.