Violation? Dak Prescott’s Phone Wallpaper is a Picture of Himself

from the broadcast

We need to get Mikey Miss out here to determine whether or not this is a violation:

There are many different ways you could go with this. Some people will do the narcissism take, i.e. Dak loves himself and sees himself every time he grabs his phone. Others think it’s no big deal.

My take is that this is a little corny because it’s just a picture of himself from behind. If his wallpaper was Dak doing a front flip into the end zone or a similarly cool action photo, then yeah, immortalize that shit. I’ve got a touchdown run from the Eagles media game pinned to my Twitter profile, so I guess I’m guilty of self-aggrandizing to a certain extent, though it’s not my phone wallpaper. There’s an arbitrary line separating cool and memorable from self-serving, if you want to look at it that way. That said, I think most people probably have some combination of their wife/kids/family on their phone.

Also consider this: