What Does Lids Know?

via Lids on Facebook

Random sponsored ads showing Phillies World Champion gear popped up on Facebook and Instagram last night:

What’s Mark Zuckerburg know? Is this series going seven? Was some intern only supposed to advertise that in Haiti and the Philippines, but they selected Philadelphia by accident? This has Dikembe Mutumbo congratulating the Sixers on the #1 pick before the lottery vibes:

If Rob Manfred wants to grow the game, first he’ll end the blackouts and then make sure this series goes seven. People want it. Game 5 outdrew Thursday Night Football:

The Astros’ 3-2 victory over the Phillies on Thursday night, which gave Houston a 3-2 series lead, averaged 12,768,000 viewers on Fox. The Philadelphia Eagles’ 29-17 win over the Houston Texans averaged 7,860,000 on Amazon Prime Video. Both figures were compiled by Nielsen.

The first five games have averaged 11,642,000 viewers on Fox, up 1% from the same point last year and 24% from the five-game average in 2020.