Quick shift from the Eagles to college football:

Couple of thoughts here:

  1. Chris Simms played in the Big 12 twenty years ago. Four of the teams he went up against aren’t even in the league anymore.
  2. The Big 12 went 3-0 against the SEC in bowl games last season. Kansas State put 42 on LSU, Baylor beat Ole Miss by two touchdowns, and Texas Tech smoked Mississippi State.
  3. The SEC this year had losses to Florida State, K State, Appalachian State, and Penn State. It’s the best conference in college football but they’re not invincible and they’re not mowing down teams week-in and week-out.

More than anything, people who keep calling for Alabama and other SEC teams to fill out the College Football Playoff would see the entire purpose defeated. It’s the College Football Playoff, not the SEC playoff. Tennessee and Bama could certainly beat TCU, Michigan, and Ohio State, but then all of this would be completely pointless.

Thankfully we’ve expanded the postseason to address the problem of quality teams being left out, because it’s happened almost every year since the format was installed. Going with this is infinitely better than what we’ve had since the BCS went kaput:

Anyway, Chris Simms is a doofus. Same guy who ranked Daniel Jones higher than Jalen Hurts on his preseason list. Good call!