“I Literally Wanted to Kill Him Every Day,” Says Mike Missanelli of Working with Howard Eskin

Mikey Miss went on Angelo Cataldi’s show this morning. The interview was pretty good, basically a quick trip through Mike’s history with the station, what he’s doing now, blah blah. Some of it repeated what we had already heard on Mike’s podcast, when Cataldi was the guest.

The stories were quality though, namely this one about Mike working with Howard Eskin after he and Steve Fredericks were split up:

I only vaguely remember the Missanelli/Eskin years, but you more or less had two lead personalities, two type A people, paired together. Josh Innes and Tony Bruno is a good recent example of that, where both were used to being the “main” guy and then having to adjust to something new and different. If you look at every show in this market, each has a defined lead and then the rest of the talent sort of works off them. We’re talking John Kincade, the Cuz, Tyrone, Joe DeCamara, Angelo, and Jon Marks. They essentially steer the discussion and then the crew works off of them.

Anyway, it’s funny hearing Mike’s voice on WIP, and talking about Howard. Angelo has said some negative things about “The King” publicly before, including the “team player” line. That was three years ago, before Cataldi deleted his Twitter account, when he called Eskin a “hopeless lapdog for any local sports organization that will pay him any attention.” Fact check – true! Mike also destroyed Howard during my favorite day of Crossing Broad employment, which was when Jeff McLane asked Doug Pederson if Howard was leaking on behalf of the Eagles. Josina Anderson got in the mix, and Mike then called Eskin a water boy who bought his own Super Bowl ring.

Maybe it’s all water under the bridge now. Angelo is retiring, Mike is podcasting and doing books and wine, and Howard is keeping up the charade, but will have to give it up eventually.