Mike Missanelli Went in HARD on “Water Boy” Howard Eskin


All it takes is one bad loss to the Dallas Cowboys and the Delaware Valley is in utter chaos.

First we had Howard Eskin naming Alshon Jeffery as Josina Anderson’s source. Anderson COUNTERED, saying Eskin is full of baloney. Then we listened to Jeff McLane shade Eskin in the middle of Doug Pederson’s press conference.

Now Mike Missanelli is jumping into the fray with these comments made about Eskin during the second hour of today’s show:

Mike: Here’s the backdrop of this whole thing. Everybody who is in the media who works and covers the Eagles can’t stand the fact that a part-time media member and full-time water boy is on the sidelines reporting for the radio broadcast. This part-time radio host who has a one-hour radio show on some other station at 5 a.m. on a Saturday, apparently reported that Alshon Jeffery was the mole. So, I guess that rankles people who are covering the team, who don’t like the guy anyway. So McLane tried to cause a little stir with Doug in the press conference by addressing it, right? We have the audio of it?

(they play audio from the presser)

Alright, he (Pederson) didn’t know what to say and I don’t know why the question was asked anyway, other than they have an axe to grind with this guy who is on the sidelines who likes to think he’s part of the team and is used to getting people water, team members, since his high school days. I don’t understand the point of it. If you have a problem with the guy, go up to him. Go up to him, you know? Bark in his face if you got a problem. Now he (McLane) is making the connection that this particular guy works for the team, therefore the comment he put out there about Alshon being the mole is actually endorsed by the team. That’s what he’s trying to say. But it’s like they have an axe to grind because of it? I don’t know what the point of it was. The Super Bowl ring I can tell you, (Eskin) purchased it himself. He didn’t get a ring, he bought it. That’s how pathetic what we’re talking about here is. Plus, he doesn’t get paid for being on the sidelines. He just likes to be there to be included. That’s the level of patheticness we’re talking about here.

He’s not really a member of the team and it’s not endorsed by the team whatever he says. But he likes to think he’s part of the team. You can judge for yourself somebody buying a Super Bowl ring, thinking he was part of it.

Holy cow.

Howard cannot sit back and take this. He needs to come out with a fiery retort. He needs to get on Twitter right now and throw a left hook at McLane and then come at Missanelli with an overhand right. Then he needs to put Anderson in a headlock.

Better yet, we could do a four-person Hell in a Cell match between Howard, Jeff, Mike, and Josina. The winner gets a one-year subscription to the Jelly of the Month club.

Here’s the audio:


26 Responses

  1. Mikey Miss’ hair dye and hipster glasses manage to make Jason Witten’s toupees seem fashionable.

    1. To go along with his midget body, woke politics and tough guy persona.

  2. Eskin was right about one thing – it’s pathetic he still rents space in Mike’s head.

  3. Little Mikey thinks he’s relevant! Shouldn’t he be spending time taking phone calls from white staffers pretending to be black? Or shouldn’t he be sending emails to listeners calling them h0m0phobic names?

  4. I can’t stand Missanelli and think he’s your typical smug Penn State DB but Eskin is 10 times worse, basically an old man suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.

  5. Typical Mikey Miss … slinging his 9 incher around like a total boss. Love Mikey Miss, truly the king of Philly sports media.

    1. I heard that Kevin got hired by some rich broad to be her boytoy. Apparently he’s putting his 8 incher to good use.

  6. I asked Mike Missanelli , “can you give me an authograph” when I was younger & his response was “I don’t know can I” & walked away.

  7. Back in the day, Mikes nickname was the bulldozer at PSU. The guy lays pipe. He digs em deep and spreads them wide.

  8. Eskin is a jock sniffer and Missanelli gets offended by an Italian pictured on a pizza box. Two has-beens in a pissing contest is not Main Event caliber. Hard pass.

  9. Mike says Jeff should have gotten in Eskin’s face.

    Mike hates Eskin. Never got in his face. Mike hates Innes. Never got in his face.

    The 65 year old tough guy act is weak.

    Laughable Bro. But, he listens to Alt.

    1. He has no problem taking swings at 170 pound, 22 year old, minimum wage earning producers who can’t swing back while on remotes though.

      Mikey Miss, always a wannabe tough guy.

  10. Mike Missanelli is a known jerk. If you don’t believe me, ask the peoo people who have worked with him. Glen, Angelo, B-Star, the list goes on and on. The guy is a hothead and an egomaniac. I know he has the respect of no one at the old station and 75% of the people at the new station hate his guts too. He’s an arrogant bully and I hope Howard stands up and hits a bully between the eye here

  11. A pox on both their houses. Missanelli is still mad at Eskin when, going back to the MLB player’s strike in the 90’s, when the owners were holding tryouts for replacement players, and Missanelli was mouthing off about he could make the Phillies’ replacement team, Eskin called his bluff and bought him a plane ticket to Clearwater for the day before the tryout so Missanelli didn’t have any reason for not going down to try out. Of course Missanelli took a pass. Can’t stand Eskin but this was pretty funny…

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