Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio and Chris Simms, who is having a rough year. He more or less called Jalen Hurts a system quarterback and credited everybody else on the team for the Eagles’ success. Then he threw a hissy fit and told ESPN to fuck off for re-posting the clip over and over after Gardner Minshew put up a turd against the Saints.

Fast forward now, with the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game and Hurts looking like an MVP candidate, and Simms looks physically ill while talking about it:

“His leadership’s probably the number one thing I think he brings to the table. It permeates throughout the football team.”

Hah. This guy still won’t give Hurts credit for anything. Talking about his leadership? How about 188 scrimmage yards, three touchdowns, zero turnovers, and a 112.2 quarterback rating while completing 66% of his passing attempts? Hurts played a fantastic game and was fantastic all season long.

Simms looks so disappointed having to talk about the Eagles. When you look at the various faces he makes, you go through the entire Pepto Bismol commercial:




Upset Stomach