Chuck from Mount Airy Booted off Marks and Reese Show


“How ya doing guys? Great show.”

Chuck is a nitwit, as Howard Eskin would say. He calls in every single day and just rambles on and on about nothing.

We touched on this in an award-winning column titled Opinion: Chuck from Mount Airy and OG Wade Should Both be Suspended from 94 WIP Afternoon Show. The gist was that we have regular caller oversaturation. It’s exhausting. Tom Bigby needs to get in there and reinstate the “one call during the week, once on the weekends” rule, which will spare us from the likes of Chuck, Mad Mike, Andy the Troll/Andy from Deptford, and various other dipshits.

(inevitably, some dude in the Facebook comments will say this was a staged radio bit. I have no idea. What I do know is that the end result is a positive one, because less Chuck is better)