Al Morganti noted on Thursday that he’s sticking with 94 WIP on a five-year deal, hosting on weekends and doing a hockey podcast once Angelo Cataldi officially retires.

At The Philadelphia Business Journal, Jeff Blumenthal has more on what this actually entails:

A source familiar with the situation said Morganti has yet to actually sign the contract but that it is a mere formality. An Audacy spokesman said Morganti will host his hockey podcast twice a week during the NHL season and once a week in the offseason. 

In addition to his podcast role, the spokesman said Morganti will handle some weekend shifts, but it does not appear that he will have a regular show like Glen Macnow’s program with Mike Sielski and Jody McDonald on weekend middays.

Roger that. Sounds like he’ll be part of the talent pool that fills those weekend shows. In the past you had Angry Bob and Hollis Thomas, now you’ve got Rob Ellis and Devan Kaney co-hosting, there’s Go Birds radio with Seltzer and ESP, and then the various shifts filled by veterans like Rickie Ricardo, Jolly, Reuben Frank, and whomever else. Not sure Seltzer can do weekends moving forward if he’s going with Jon Ritchie and Joe DeCamara to the morning show, but we’ll see.

EDIT – an earlier version of this story featured a typo. I wrote “entrails” instead of “entails,” which suggests I’ve been listening to too much death metal