Can I be honest with you all? Are we in the trust tree? Good. I don’t know who Zach Bryan is. I only learned who he was recently because all my hipster buddies just started posting him on their IG stories.

Turns out he’s an Eagles fan from Cowboy country Oklahoma because he’s dating a girl from the Philly suburbs (according to this Reddit post). Good news for him, being an Eagles fan is the only criteria I need to like you. Good news for me, my new favorite country singer is releasing his new single “Dawns” once the Birds win on Saturday:

Now that’s an actual bet. A bet with substance where there is a real winner and loser. Not like the one the t-shirt guy from Art History tried to sell me on because I made fun of his shirt:

So my options are wear your shitty shirt or be miserable because the Birds blew a Super Bowl opportunity? I don’t think this guy understands the definition of a win/win. I’d rob a charity of $500 for a Super Bowl.

But in the end I accepted. Birds are -325 on the moneyline. I’ll help him out with a post and a pic because I love small business so much and then we can move on with our lives.

Anyway, we’ll get this full release around the same time Boston Scott dives in for his 3rd touchdown of the game: