Jalen Hurts can have his pick of any woman or man in the Delaware Valley right now. So what does he do? He lets the world know he’s spoken for, right after the NFC Championship game:


No distractions. That’s my quarterback:

Jalen Hurts is the hottest dude in this city and he just hard launched his girlfriend right in everybody’s face. No chasing skirt. No running around town. Just a dude who probably went home, cooked some crawfish, turned on Anita Baker, and studied Steve Spagnuolo’s blitz schemes.

The woman’s name is Bry Burrows and they met at Alabama. At least one of the Burrows will be at the Super Bowl this year. According to everything I’ve read, they’ve been on-again and off-again since 2016.  I haven’t seen anything about her before last night and there’s not much you can find. Is there a more perfect girlfriend for our star QB? Private on Instagram and only 1,700 followers:

There are punt returners wives who have more clout.

She’s perfect and she’s been with him through all of it! With him when he was the star QB at Alabama and when he was benched in the National Championship. Now he’s a top-5 NFL QB and about to win his first Super Bowl and she’s right by his side.

P.S. She’s definitely not with him because of his singing chops: