You may or may not know that Boston Scott is really good at video games, and now he has a custom Super Bowl car called “Giant Killer” with his #35 on the back:

There are a couple of these in the game right now. Cam Jordan has one with a Saints logo and his name and number on it, and the third and final offering is a #17 Mecole Hardman car with jets on it.

These are part of a limited-edition Super Bowl promo that also includes banners and animated decals for each of the 32 NFL teams. There’s also a goal celebration where a bunch of footballs go flying all over the arena.

Anyway, Scott is part of eSports group Team Dignitas. He’s a top tier player and does all kinds of fancy flying through the air. I’m a casual Rocket League dipshit who just tries to smash the ball off the wall as hard as I can. His game is a lot of finesse and skill and mine is basically the equivalent of dump and chase in hockey. I tried to play ranked and got hammered by some little kids who talked shit all game long, so yeah, it didn’t work out.