Fred, get ya girl a suite:


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I wanted to crawl out of my skin after she ended it with “We’re so happy faithful thanks for being the best fans ever!

But how can you blame her? Remember when they shot that Raiders fan because he wore a “Fuck the 49ers” shirt? Or when a Niners fan stabbed a Falcons fan AFTER they secured a trip to the Super Bowl? I’m sure all of that bullshit stayed in Candlestick though. Whoops! Guess not. This shit doesn’t just happen in football either. Learn about your own history before you decide to throw stones.

Here’s the thing –

None of us can actually corroborate these stories if there is no film of the events. Every opposing fan is going to have a different story in every stadium. From everything I saw, the worst a 49ers fan got it on Sunday was Joey Bosa. I didn’t see any video of fights or anyone throwing shit. The only thing I saw was a bunch of Niners fans parading around Jetro hoping someone threw shit so they could get it on camera:

You can’t even exit Jetro that way.

So you have Fred Warner’s wife telling her side, you have these sports radio hosts calling us “fake gangsters,” and then you have 49ers fans like this guy who knew what he was getting into when he went there. As long as you’re not sensitive in the ears and light in the ass you should be fine:

This dude was a great sport all day:

P.S. It’s hilarious to think some drunk Eagles fan was in line for nachos and went nuts at the first sight of red. Some mongrel sees a red purse and just goes into full on fight or flight mode. Easily the most unbelievable part of that story.