I was at Super Bowl Media Day thanks to the guys at Phans of Philly. I got to talk to Haason Reddick and Nick Sirianni, preach about the teachings of #QGannon to Jonathan Gannon, and show Jeff Stoutland my elite second step as some dork from The Ringer looked on with rage:


I had all of my questions planned out, but none were more important than the one I wanted to ask Sal Pal. Eagles fans everywhere deserve an apology or at least an atonement of sins for his take that the NFL should’ve opened a FORENSIC investigation against Doug Pederson and the Eagles for throwing the last game of the 2020 season against Washington. I can’t believe Diana Russini can stand next to him. She married an Eagles fan, for God’s sake:


Snake. I politely asked him. He said ‘after my hit.’ He finished about five minutes in, but still had the mic in his hand so I didn’t know if they were going back to him. I get his attention and he gives me the “one moment” sign. I’m practicing my lines like a true professional. Another five minutes goes by, where he’s kind of just moseying around in that little spot ,and we lock eyes. I ask him again and he gives me the “nix it” sign. Basically telling me to go kick rocks. Just wasted my time. I could’ve hit up Jay Glazer two doors down or asked Michael Irvin how he was enjoying his hotel accommodations. Instead, I had to sit there like an idiot with my dick in my hands waiting for Sal Paolantonio, ES…………PN.

But when I saw him on the floor all bets should’ve been off. The floor is no holds barred. At one point you’re rubbing elbows with DeVonta Smith and the next you’re talking to Ross Tucker. Everyone gets interviewed on the floor. Athletes, media, me. So for Sal Pal to big league me was bullshit. I feel like his guard was up. It could’ve been me in the QGannon shirt that had him thinking I was a legit nutjob. In my opinion? I think he knew the bell was about to toll for thee. He’s skated by for two years. I was gonna ask him the question no one in Philly was ballsy enough to ask (besides Mikey Miss, which resulted in Sal hanging up). While everyone forgot he wanted a SpyGate-level investigation because the 6-10 Giants didn’t make the playoffs, I didn’t. He probably thinks the Dolphins owner deserves the chair. The Eagles gave him unprecedented access for 30 years and that is how he repaid them? Judas.

Here’s the full video from Media Day:

Also – if you’re out at the game Phans of Philly is selling tailgating packages still. Four hour open bar, food, Brent Celek and more right next to State Farm Stadium.

Kinkead: the Eagles are in the Super Bowl two years after tanking that game, which helped them land DeVonta Smith, so I guess it was the right strategy