I forgot to update the story we did on Thursday about NBC executives not being happy with Michael Barkann for saying the word “bullshit” on the air, twice, following the Super Bowl loss.

He had been off the air since the game, then returned for Birds Huddle with Barrett Brooks, and they had him apologize at the end of the show:

Man that was goofy. What corporate suit wrote that? Talking about a “learning experience” and “values” and the “privilege” to enter people’s homes? That’s a bit melodramatic. It’s cornball copy. Barkann said the word “bullshit” after the Eagles got hosed in the Super Bowl. He didn’t drop a racial slur or slap someone for an alopecia joke.

I can understand keeping the guy off the air for a little bit, but that was a 50-second apology for something that really is not that big of a deal. I stand in solidarity with Michael Barkann. #FreeBarkann