Jim Leonhard-ly knew him:

This new feature where you have to hit “show” to see the rest of the tweet is a real kick in the dick. Good job, Elon. Here is the full Jeremy Fowler tweet since it cuts off:

The #Eagles and Jim Leonhard mutually decided they would not move forward with his DC candidacy, per league sources. Leonhard had planned to undergo hip surgery and sit out coaching for a year, but when Eagles job opened, both sides had interest in discussing the position, which they did last week. Ultimately, they decided it wasn’t the right time.

You gotta think Leonhard had a real good shot at becoming the Birds next DC if both mutually agreed to not move forward. If not, then me and the first 20 jobs I applied to out of college mutually agreed we wouldn’t move forward with my candidacy either. Instead of hip surgery it was my 2.6 GPA.

Right now Dennard Wilson, Vance Joseph, Sean Desai, Michigan’s Jesse Minter, and Seth Joyner in Seth Joyner’s delusional world are still in the running to be the Eagles next DC.

It stinks because everything I read about Leonhard seems like he’s a good balance of zone and blitzing that Eagles fans in this city are longing for. If there is good news here it benefits the hosts at WIP. Did you know it’s not pronounced Lion-Hard? It’s pronounced Leonard. Jonny Marks would cave his skull in by the 4 o’clock hour having to correct so many WIP dads. There is a psychiatrist still cashing paychecks from Alshon “Jeffries.”