This is probably the dumbest post we’ve ever done, and God knows there have been many, but it’s a slow news day, and if you scrape the bottom of the Twitter barrel you’ll discover that some people are not happy with Joe DeCamara’s treatment of holdover Angelo Cataldi callers.

We touched on this earlier in the week, when Eagles Shirley and Kenny from the Dirty 30 called up and were treated like regular folks. They were referred to simply as “Shirley” and “Kenny,” which apparently irked some people:

This is incredibly stupid, but curious at the same time. I’ve listened to a decent chunk of the new morning show, and they’re obviously trying to find their footing. They’ve kept a lot of DeCamara/Ritchie midday show elements, and there’s certainly going to be a transition period where they figure out what works and what doesn’t work. They might benefit from getting Rhea and some of the other folks more involved in the discussion, but when you do 33 years of one show and then shift to a new one, it’s gonna take time to get it right.

The thing about the callers is that DeCamara has to build his own brand and his own show, and he’d be completely justified in telling Shirley and others to take a hike, but then you have to consider the collateral damage of pissing off people because they think you’re being disrespectful to long-time WIP supporters.

I think we generally underestimate the line that the new show has to walk, because they want it to be THEIR show while not alienating Angelo’s listeners and having them defect to John Kincade or Preston and Steve. It’s actually pretty complicated and something worth considering if you’re flipping back and forth in the morning.

Also, God, if you’re listening, please give us something interesting to write about tomorrow.