Lets gooooooo! More Sod Slop for me. Nom nom nom nom!

I can’t get enough of this field. The more that comes out about the field the more I believe George Toma belongs in jail. You think Chris Maragos getting $43 million was a lot. Imagine if someone would’ve wrecked their knee during this game. $43 million would’ve looked like chump change when you have 113 million witnesses:

Me yelling at Dwight Howard every time he got an offensive rebound and chucked it at the rim:


Kenny Gainwell slipping on 2nd and 1 will haunt me for the rest of my life. If he converts there the Isaac Seumalo false start makes it 1st and 15 and instead of the Eagles relying on Jalen Hurts to pick up six on third down it’s an entirely different play call that doesn’t result in a scoop and score. That’s a fact. This field was unplayable and it was part of the reason the result was the way it was.

I see that a lot of people think blaming the field as part of the Eagles losing is a “soft take”. To which I say it isn’t as much as blaming the field as it is wanting more from a billion dollar company not living up to standards during their biggest event of the year. Everyone should be holding the NFL accountable. There should be an article written about the field every day. Because months down the road the NFL is going to release a statement admitting the field wasn’t up to standards on a random summer Friday at 3pm after they finish their investigation. No one is going to see it because you’ll be down the shore or already fucking off for the weekend. That’s a classic NFL PR move. The SodFather and Roger Goodell should have to answer before Congress. The NFL pushes the narrative they care about player safety and then add extra seats behind the endzone to make a couple extra dollars and the field suffers because of it.

I need to talk to the SodFather. He’s my white whale right now. I’m more angry he hasn’t answered for his sins than I am at Jonathan Gannon. If anyone has an in throw me a DM. Phone number, email, a cousin. I’ll chase all leads until I exhaust them. The SodFather needs to atone for his sins: