Fred Warner’s wife, Sydney, shit all over Eagles fans and their alleged behavior this past Sunday, saying they threw stuff, rioted after the game, and berated her in line at the concessions stand.

Andre Chachere’s wife wasn’t into it:

Some people think Warner’s tale was made-up bullshit. Sydney was on The Bachelor a couple years back and one of the stories she told about eating lunch in the bathroom and being called racist names was called into question by someone on Twitter claiming to be a former high school classmate, who posted a bunch of pictures from a yearbook.

This is via Lia Beck at Refinery29:

During her one-on-one date with Peter, Sydney opened up about being bullied for being biracial at her Alabama high school. She said this included being called racist names and having her home vandalized, and that she often ate lunch in the bathroom at school. (It wasn’t brought up that Hannah Brown attended the same high school, which seems like it would have been a big point of connection for Sydney and Peter.)
Soon after the episode aired, someone who attended Sydney’s school posted photos of her in the yearbook to Twitter in an apparent attempt to prove that her story was inaccurate. The Twitter user wrote, “‘Ate lunch in the bathroom everyday of highschool’ #bachelornation I’m selling my yearbooks for $200 a pop, who wants the tea,” along with photos of Sydney in a beauty pageant and posing with another student.

Now this is all TMZ-level gossip, so it’s impossible to know if this Twitter rando was on to something, but what typically happens is that we find embellishment in stories of fan behavior at the Linc. We’re not saying this woman is a liar outright, it’s just that there’s just no corroborating video that provides us with hard evidence, so you have to take her word for it.

Sydney Warner coming under fire from Eagles fans: