Let’s check in with Dan Sileo, aka Big Silzzz:

Wait, why are we catching strays? As far as I know, we’ve never ripped Sileo outright, though it would be very easy to do so, because the guy is one IQ point higher than a troglodyte. He does JAKIB Media’s The National Football Show and has blessed us with erudite opinions like As of March 13th, the Philadelphia #Eagles won’t make the playoffs,” while pulling the most pitiful Jalen Hurts flip flop that you’ll ever see. His brand is shameless hot take media and he’ll barf out anything in front of the camera, no matter how stupid it is. Going after Sileo is like grabbing the lowest-hanging fruit on the planet Earth. He makes Seth Joyner look like Greg Cosell.

Using context clues here, it would appear that Sileo is ripping us for being a fanboy website. He calls WIP and the Fanatic “cheerleader radio stations” and then names Eagles PR chief Bob Lange, so the insinuation, I guess, is that it’s all sunshine and rainbows, which is hilarious to me, because WIP put up a poll this year asking if the defensive coordinator of an 8-1 team should be fired. The Fanatic was a little more pragmatic, but if this amounts to “cheerleader” radio, then I’d love to see what Sileo categorizes as sensible sports talk.

Anyway, there’s some lingering beef here because Silzzz was once fired by the guy running 97.5 the Fanatic, Joe Bell. Sileo, at the time, was a host at Sports Radio 560 WQAM, and was suspended and later shit canned for tweeting inappropriate things at Erin Andrews. He’s also been fired for calling three NFL players “monkeys” and then canned by another station for offering a $1,000 bounty on a Florida State player, so the fact that he’s doing this in 2023 is admittedly impressive. If you or I got fired as many times as Dan Sileo, we’d be flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

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