Jason Kelce is a five-tool player. Hall of Fame center, podcasting giant, #1 recording artist, and now comedy sketch actor. He starred in multiple SNL skits and even gave back by lifting women whose boyfriends can’t pick them up:

Add this dude to the list of who needs help satisfying his girl:

Jason Kelce might be the only person that can get me to watch SNL. I would’ve never made it through this one if I didn’t know he was coming out in a sweater that looked itchier than LeSean McCoy’s crotch:

How about those pops when Kelce showed up? Sounded like a Stone Cold return.

They even gave him a part in the monologue. That snake Roger Goodell is going to find some way to fine him for criticizing the refs just off of his reaction:

It was a good show mainly because of Jason. He was a 10/10. Travis was a 7/10. And let’s be honest, no United Way commercial will ever hold a candle to this one: