That’s a lot of money! I did the math and it’s enough to pay off my mortgage 16,129 times, so maybe Josh can swing a brother a little bit of chump change here and I’ll cut back my weekly hours.

Scott Abraham from ABC 7 in Washington (same guy who basically told Carson Wentz to his face that he sucks) shared an interesting note here:

“Important to note here. Josh Harris is already NFL approved. He currently owns a small stake of the Pittsburgh Steelers (he will have to sell that stake if he buys Commanders) Since, Harris is already in the “club”…it basically boils down to Dan Snyder accepting this offer.”

We know that Snyder and Jeff Bezos are at odds, and Snyder apparently does not want to accept an offer from Bezos, not even if it’s $40 billion and he throws in the Blue Origin space rocket. So Harris and company appear to be the leaders in the clubhouse, unless that Canadian billionaire comes up with more, or someone else can up the offer.

If Harris wins the bid, he’ll own the Commies, Sixers, and Devils, and will only need to purchase the Baltimore Orioles to own a team in all four major sports along the eastern seaboard. Then he buys the Philadelphia Union from Jay Sugarman and we get an influx of cash, purchase Lionel Messi from PSG, and send this team to the motherfucking moon.