Josh Harris is partnering with billionaire Mitchell Rales, co-founder of a medical supplies company, to get this Commies bid over the finish line:

This looks like it’s going to be Josh Harris’ bid to lose, because Dan Snyder is allegedly blocking Jeff Bezos. It’s kind of an unfair fight. It’s like a Sixers ball boy taking a pipe to Giannis’ knee before the second round of the playoffs. Remember, Josh Harris wanted the Denver Broncos, but was too scared of getting in a bidding war with the Wal-Mart family and didn’t want to up the price if he was gonna buy another franchise. Turns out he isn’t even liquid enough to get this one. Snyder wants $6 billion and Harris only kicked in $5.5. Imagine being a billionaire and being told you don’t have enough money for something. That has to be the ultimate kick in the dick. Josh Harris not being able to buy the Commies is like you and I finding out we can’t afford a house right now. He should just do what I do and blame it on inflation and the market and not the fact that I order dinner off DoorDash four nights a week. With the amount of fees they charge you on those apps, I could buy the Philadelphia Wings.