They just wanted to trademark it before SVB did:

The best call from the Phillies World Series run. I hope Scott Franzke’s agent got a couple sheckles added onto that long term deal he signed to supplement for the amount of shirts the Phils are gonna sell:

Is Franzke on the Mount Rushmore of Philadelphia sports broadcasters? He’s definitely on mine. Harry Kalas, Marc Zumoff, Merrill Reese, and him. If you’re a bigger hockey fan than baseball fan I could see you replacing Franzke with Jim Jackson. The thing that is tough with Jackson and TV guys is the media rights go to the national broadcasters during the playoffs or after the first round in the NBA’s case. It’s hard to grab those viral soundbites during regular season action. But after the run Franzke went on last year, it’s kind of tough not to carve out some granite for him since he’ll have time to cement his legacy with Phillies playoff games in the near future. We’ve been fortunate to have the crop of guys that we’ve had over the last couple decades in this city.

And since it’s tournament time I’ll give you my Mount Rushmore first four out:





John Kruk

The Veterans Committee at the baseball Hall of Fame has to give Kruk’s bid after that no look hot dog grab.