LeSean McCoy was asked who he thought would win in the Ryan Garcia/Gervonta Davis bout. A typical question on the red carpet when boxing’s biggest fight in five years is coming up in April:

Shady seemed like he knew what he was talking about. I don’t think there were necessarily any unfair shots he took at Davis. He’s short. He has small arms. People will always question if undefeated fighters have really fought the best. But don’t tell that to Davis cause he came back swinging:


Davis seems like your buddy that can’t take a joke here. You make fun of him for one thing and he brings up your mom dying.

Shady then hit back like it was an off-duty cop at Recess nightclub:


If there’s one thing we know about Shady, it’s that he isn’t gay. There is plenty of evidence. Ask Marcus Vick and any other poor soul whose girl went out to the club by themselves in Philly between 2009-14. If you woke up over the next week and it felt like a million fire ants were attacking your urethra, you know she probably got Shady’d.

Shady’s up 10-9 after one round.