This was the guy the whole way! No doubt this is who Temple wanted all along:

What’s that you say? Charlton Young? I’ve never heard of him. Just as the AD’s secretary rips down a “Welcome Coach Young” banner.

I’m wondering how real the Rothstein report about Young was. Sounds like some agent shenanigans. His name was never really floated out there in reports. He was also reportedly offered the job at 2pm today. Withdrew his name by 3pm. Then Fisher is on campus and hired two hours later with an entire interview and press release from the school ready to go? Nothing happens this fast in academia.

Like I said earlier when I wanted to send Temple to the PSAC. I don’t know if this dude can coach X’s and O’s, but he’s a hell of a recruiter. Look at the guys he’s been able to recruit from the area already via


NBA talent, an ACC Player of the Year, and McDonalds All-American. If Fisher can sell Memphis, FAU, and SMU to a 4-star recruit we have to see if this dude can walk on water. Now let’s string a couple strong seasons together and get the fuck out of the AAC. Because if there’s anything Penn State guys know it’s how to fix a Temple program:


P.S. Fuck Jeff Goodman. I can’t wait to shove this down his throat: