The latest offering from Conshohocken Brewing:

Bedlam at the Bank Golden Ale? You son of a bitch, I’m in.

This is the 3rd sports-themed charity beer that Glen and company have done in recent years. The first one was the Marc Zumoff “Zooisms” IPA, which came with a release party/fundraiser combination that sent money to Philly Youth basketball. The second was the Merrill Reese and Mike Quick Philly Special Hazy IPA, which benefited First Tee Philly.

For starters, I am just happy to see a limited-release charity beer that is not an IPA. Huzzah! Although the Zooisms wasn’t bad at all, it was a Northeast IPA if I recall correctly, and not a West Coast. It’s the West Coast IPAs that taste like someone mixed 10 pounds of hops with a petrified California Redwood and said “now this is a beer!”

Franzke and LA beer means that Conshy has now done a Sixers beer, Eagles beer, and Phillies beer. They’ll have to do a Flyers beer next. Maybe name it the “Bag it to Broad,” a fruited sour that fills you with bitterness and regret.