PJ Tucker thinks Italian food is better in America than where it was invented. Marcus Hayes wrote A GREAT (I mean it) article on PJ Tucker’s insane basketball career.  I promise you it’s worth the read. In it he asked Tucker to reminisce about his time in places like Ukraine and Israel. After that, Marcus would ask him what his favorite food was in that country. Here’s what he had to say about Italy:

I wasn’t a big fan of Italy. Italian food in America is way better than Italian food in Italy.

I don’t think this take is that insane and I’m not saying that because PJ Tucker has turned into one of my favorite Sixers during the playoffs. What makes Italian food so much more special in Italy that you can’t get in America? Fresher herbs? A different noodle? Philly has a great Italian scene. You’re telling me that the city can’t go toe to toe with some place in Rome. Go out to any place in deep South Philly that has the same look and feel as your grandmother’s living room and tell me it’s not one of the best meals of your life. Save your money – unless you’re booking through Anthony Gargano travel – and eat at one of the places in the area.

PJ Tucker getting pizza after Game 4: