When Angelo Cataldi retired from 94 WIP in February, Al Morganti was supposed to stick around in a new role, doing a hockey podcast and some weekend work as well. 

After no news on that front for a few months, he popped up on Joe Giglio’s show Wednesday afternoon for a segment and an update:

So there will be impromptu Morganti appearances on the midday show in addition to weekend shifts. No time slot specified, but obviously they’ve got Glen Macnow and Mike Sielski on Saturday and Glen and Jody Mac on Sunday, so it won’t be a mid-morning thing. There’s also Howard THE KING Eskin in his prime time 8 a.m. slot, so you absolutely cannot displace a legend in an uber-important role.

It had felt like Morganti dropped off the face of the Earth for a little bit, but after covering that Flyers season on television, you’d need a three-month vacation to the middle of nowhere to clear your head. Think Timbuktu or East Jabip or bumblefuck USA. You couldn’t get far enough away.