DeVonta Smith on Twitter Thursday night:

We’ve previously written on the site that DeVonta Smith can root for the Celtics since he went for 1,196 yards and seven touchdowns last season. Doesn’t mean his Boston fandom is legitimate though. He grew up in Louisiana and has no connection to New England whatsoever.

We rip people in the Philadelphia region for being cockroach Cowboys fans, so is Smitty being a Celtics fan any different? It’s not, but a younger generation of fans will fight you on this. A younger generation that loves their flimsy Manchester City and Golden State Warriors fandom. “Been a Dubs fan my entire life!” No you haven’t. Fuck outta here.

Smitty needs to read the room. If you’re a Celtics fan, it’s fine man, but we don’t need to be seeing Jayson Tatum tweets when the guy is cooking the Sixers in game six of the Eastern Conference Semis. And don’t be swapping jerseys with Tatum at the Wells Fargo Center on the same night you rang the bell. Houston native Jalen Hurts wasn’t out there at Citizens Bank Park yukking it up with Framber Valdez. A little bit of discretion is not too much to ask for.