A.J. Perez and Michael McCarthy (not the Cowboys coach) at Front Office Sports:

Max Kellerman’s “This Just In” TV show could be the first victim of ESPN’s big bucks Pat McAfee hire.

ESPN will likely pave the way for the addition of “The Pat McAfee Show” by canceling Kellerman’s weekday afternoon program, sources told Front Office Sports. 

Ah. Kinda feel bad for Max. First he got booted off of First Take, now he’s getting booted again. Allegedly.

This Just In felt like daytime filler, for lack of a better word. Max was fine, but it seemed like he never got any marquee guests or co-hosts on that show. It was like ESPN producers just grabbed whatever talent was walking around the hallways at the time and said “hey are you doing anything right now? no? okay, you’re doing Max’s show.” We’re talking people like Nick Friedell and Monica McNutt (unrelated to Marvin).

What’s crazy is that McAfee is departing from a four-year, $120 million FanDuel deal to link up with ESPN. Can’t fathom what that must be like. It gets more complicated based on the news that Disney is slashing jobs and money, which is going to hit ESPN. There’s gonna be a shift coming down the pike, with some significant layoffs and cancellations. That’s the gist from people “in the know.”