Saw this on Twitter and it was triggering:

Gunner retweeted that. It’s from JAKIB’s Sports Take show, so I went and pulled the episode and the quote and this is a larger portion of what he said:

“In no way, shape, or form is this team ready to give up on Derek Barnett yet. Say what you want to say about him. You can talk about the lost season, and look at the numbers they put up without him last year. You can talk about his mental mistakes from previous years. But Derek Barnett does have talent. He has capability. I don’t think they’re ready to give up on him yet. The contract that he’s under right now is not restraining them in any way, shape, or form. The only way Derek Barnett doesn’t make this team is Derek Barnett plays his way out of being among the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023. Barnett has the opportunity to come in here and contribute significantly, and he should be self-motivated because he had to sit here and watch what this team accomplished without him.”

Last Spring, the Eagles brought Barnett back on a two-year deal worth up to $14 million. He’s set to hit the cap at a little more than three million this season and there’s about $7 million in dead cap spread out over dummy years going into 2027. It’s the typical Howie Roseman special.

If they do want to move on, Spotrac notes that the Eagles would eat $10.6 million in dead cap this season.

The thing about Barnett is that the dude is just a dirty player. Cheap hits, dumb penalties, and bonehead plays. Mistakes are one thing, but we’re talking totally unnecessary sequences, like that time he cleaned out an opponent who wasn’t even close to the play. It’s so bad that Barnett has his own Mount Rushmore of dumbass plays, and Nick Sirianni had the famous “it’s always him” line after a penalty and even had to ask Barnett to do “nothing stupid” at camp.

If Barnett is back this year because his contract is affordable and the Birds are banking on contribution after a lost year, so be it, but Eagles fans are going to (justifiably) flip shit when he commits his first 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty of the season.