Things with Trea Turner got ugly on Wednesday:

He’s heard more boos than an Alicia Keys and Usher recording session:

People thought we were being too hard on the guy. Turns out the dude’s own mom was booing him:

Mrs. Turner is now officially a Phillies fan.

People are really sensitive about booing athletes and I don’t get it. I’m empathetic to the fact that they’re humans, but when you think about it, booing is probably the nicest thing you can do to a guy when you’re angry at them. Sticks and stones. It’s better than throwing a beer or popcorn at some dude or threatening his family because he’s getting paid $300 million and in the middle of a 2-20 slump. Fun Fact: I pay their salaries.

Remember that 24 hour debate that took the city by storm after Miles Sanders told us not to boo the players a couple seasons ago? Holy shit the takes that came out that day. I’m pretty sure someone tweeted, “This is why free agents don’t want to come here.”

This one:

Oh boy this was a terrible take. Since then we’ve had All-Pros, All-Stars, and former MVPs sign or re-sign with Philly teams in free agency:

  • Trea Turner
  • Haason Reddick
  • James Bradberry
  • James Harden (re-signed)
  • PJ Tucker
  • Kyle Schwarber
  • Nick Castellanos

The moral of the story is if you suck we’ll boo. If you’re good we’ll cheer. Any Phillies fan you talk to was cheering after Turner tied it up:

People on the outside think Philly fans are so complex when all we want are dudes who we know can play good to play good. Is that too hard to ask?