Last year, a bunch of idiot Mets fans bought a lot of tickets for a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, so one of the perks was that they were allowed to throw out the first pitch. They sent some greaseball named “The General” up to the mound and the embarrassing Phillies were rightfully blasted for it.

This year, the same thing happened. Same group bought a bunch of tickets, with the Phillies once again allowing the first pitch as long as the fans weren’t wearing Mets gear. Still bush league, imo.

However, this entire situation has been rectified by the Mets group:

Okay, this is brilliant. Excellent job. This has restored my faith in humanity. An acceptable solution that highlights a great cause while at the same time keeping the dopey General off the field. Well done Mets fans, bravo!

The Bennett Strong Foundation’s mission is “to provide support to families of medically complex children.” The Mets group gathers at CBP on June 24th, but it looks like there’s a separate Bennett Strong fundraiser scheduled for September 24th, with the information and ticket link here: