Sorry, but you’re going to have to relive DUI taking Yunior Marte deep in the 10th again to hear Franzke and LA’s call:

Only fair we address this one since we wrote about TMac, Ben Davis, and Francisco Lindor’s multi-hop throw a couple of weeks ago. I know LA is in revered air in this city, but this is a rare miss by the old timer. During home runs we’ve now got bat flips that are launched into orbit, we’ve got stutter steps around the bases, and hell, we even had Andrew McCutchen playing rock, paper, scissors with the third base coach. Unwritten rules of baseball or not. At the end of the day, if you don’t want DUI doing “hand dances,” don’t let him pipe one to left field.

I don’t know how you can get mad at DUI when Rhys Hoskins spiked his bat through the Earth’s core after his home run last year. You can’t celebrate Rhys and then turn around and get a poopy diaper about DUI because he didn’t put his head down and trot around the bases:

But one of the best things about baseball is the players’ ability to police the game.  If the Phillies think the celebration was too much, they’ll deal with it next time DUI is in the box.

P.S. LA gets a pass at the end of the day. The dude just can’t stand the Braves: