One of the dumbest things currently going is Chris Simms’ annual top 40 ranking of NFL quarterbacks, which showcases his bizarre disdain for Jalen Hurts.

Simms has done everything in his power not to give Hurts credit for anything at all, suggesting that he’s a system quarterback while talking about how great all of Jalen’s teammates are. He deflects by praising Hurts’ leadership while failing to address anything that actually happens on the field, like a 66.5% completion rate, 3,701 passing yards, 22 passing touchdowns, six interceptions, 760 rushing yards, and 13 ground scores en route to a Super Bowl appearance and second-place MVP finish.

That’s good enough, in Simms’ mind, to be the NFL’s 7th-best quarterback:

If you want to make an argument that Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Joe Burrow are better than Hurts, that’s fine. Most people would agree on that. But Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and certainly Trevor Lawrence are not better than Jalen Hurts at this moment in time.

Further down the list, Simms has Daniel Jones ahead of Dak Prescott, then ranks Mac Jones in the top 20 and puts Desmond Ridder at 40, behind some guys who haven’t even thrown NFL passes. The list is fugazi. Not as good as Crossing Broad’s top 25 Philly athletes list. 

So yeah, Chris Simms stinks. A jamoke. Congrats, you got your attention, but now everyone thinks you’re an idiot.