Detroit Tigers players Tyler Alexander and Jake Rogers headed over to Pat’s and Geno’s to get a couple cheesesteaks (shove your cheesesteak discourse up your ass, nobody cares) Wednesday. Alexander pitched Tuesday night and he gave up a Schwarbomb, which ended up being the only run of the night, and he heard about it:


I love this dude from Pat’s:

Listen, if you’re an opposing pitcher palling around the city after losing the night before you’re going to hear about it. Ask Justin Verlander. If we’re being honest, that cashier is the epitome of Philly. Roast your ass and then offer to buy your food. What a champ.

On the other hand the, “Let me get a couple cheesesteaks” at Geno’s made my skin crawl. Typical out of towners. No wonder the next scene cut to them eating it. The cashier sent them to the back of the line like they were trying to order in Spanish. It’s not that simple, guy. Do you want wiz? Do you want American? Provolone? Wit or Witout? You’re holding up the line with your little video and there’s a union guy behind you with swamp ass who hiked it all the way from Queen Village trying to maximize his lunch break. Your lucky the union built three into his contract.

They also stopped over in Magic Gardens on South Street, which I think we can all agree that is the most overrated place in Philadelphia:

If I wanted to watch a bunch of people taking in crystal I’d head down to Kensington.