Tim McMahon was on Brian Windhorst’s podcast, Hoop Collective, and said this about the Knicks and Joel Embiid:

“They’ve looked at that situation in Philly and there’s been a hope in New York that stuff in Philly will go haywire to the point where Embiid will ask out.”

BREAKING: I’m monitoring the situation between Sydney Sweeney and her fiance, hoping stuff goes haywire and she asks out.

How about the New York Knicks get their house in order before they start gossiping in the neighborhood about people’s lawns? You’ve got Julius Randle completely no-showing in the playoffs, they don’t have a GM, and players are going on Twitter asking people if they’ve ever tasted their wife’s titty milk:

The trump card in all of this is what do the Knicks have that the Sixers want, besides Jalen Brunson and picks with more protection on them than Bryce Harper’s elbow.

Even with the cap situation this year and their lack of assets I still think the Sixers are in a better position long term than the Knicks. This season outlook might be a little bleak at the moment, but like I said before, you could sell me on some type of retooling. Trust the Procedure. A fun 4-6 seed, Embiid plays 50-60 games, hope Tyrese Maxey takes the next step, and shed Tobias Harris’ contract instead of attaching a first round pick to it. Or, if they overachieve, which they probably will because Nick Nurse always does, and Daryl Morey earns his paycheck in free agency. who knows what happens? This team will probably be completely different by October.