Headed out to Cherry Hill (don’t kill me, it was the closest Crumbl Cookie to Philly) to ask Sixers fans if they’d trade Tobias Harris for one as he claims:

Good times were had all around. We got some laughs off and I put money back in Tobi’s pocket because I’m pretty sure he’s an investor in the company. I think his people should reach out to my people and we’ll give out Crumbl Cookies while I ask Sixers fans would they trade him for one as he’s standing there looking them in the face.

Quick thoughts on Crumble Cookie since I just had it for the first time –

Solid cookie. One of those ones where you can only eat two before you have a sugar rush. Some people don’t like the softness of it or the cupcake taste, but I guess those people never grew up with the frosted Lofthouse Cookies at every 4th of July of BBQ:


Also, almost $50 for a 12 pack is nuts. Especially when it’s a shitty batch. They release a new batch every Monday for the week and this one stunk. Chocolate Chip, pink sugar, cosmic brownie, peanut butter, and one had fruit – which is insane. They really mailed it in for the holiday, huh? Last week’s batch was red velvet, waffle, cookies & cream, fried ice cream and pink sugar. That’s a murderer’s row of cookies right there.

I’d pay an extra $5 for a sturdier box. The box fell apart like the Sixers in the second round of the playoffs.

P.S. I love how I had to read our stats out to the guy at the end like it’s the Scouting Combine just to convince him. We aren’t poisoning your daughter on camera sir, but then again, I can’t blame your cautious attitude in the era of YouTube and TikTok pranks.