From Matt Musico at our sister site ESNY:

In the top of the ninth of New York’s July 4th game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Lindor roped an RBI double down the right-field line. Once he got to second base, Lindor directed his typical celebration to the Mets’ dugout.

Right after that happened, SNY’s cameras cut to a couple of fans imitating Lindor’s celebration. Lo and behold, one of them appears to be a Phillies fan.

The video:

Can’t tell what player is on the back of this kid’s jersey, but he’s wearing Phils gear at a D-Backs/Mets game in Arizona, which is atypical. Perhaps he just loves baseball in general, like when Rob Lowe wore the hat bearing the generic NFL logo. Or maybe this kid has Lindor on his fantasy team or is a Collegeville Italian Bakery employee. OR maybe these two goofballs are being sardonic and doing some kind of Lindor mockery here.

Surely the internet can identify these two. Need more details before we decide if these guys go into the bagster.