Pat Bev already said he wants to live Philly. Feel it. Breathe it. So what was the most Philly thing he could think of once he touched down? Take a pottery class apparently:

How long until Pat Bev invites Daryl Morey to a ceramics class, since it’s the only china the NBA allows him to deal with?

Pat Bev also went to Irwin’s on the top of Bok Bar and mentioned the pottery teachers were chirping him about his skills, which is just a typical Philly welcome:

He’s throwing Dreams & Nightmares over his IG stories:

He’s hitting up local Filipino joints in South Philly:

Which is pretty close to Graduate Hospital if you’re keeping score at home – where I mentioned Pat should move to.

Pat Bev is becoming one with the city. You gotta love it. Just wait until he’s breaking ankles at Seger Park. Maybe he’ll take in a DMB show on the Susquehanna Bank Center lawn. What cheesesteak is he going to get first? That’ll be the real test to see if he’s cut out for this city or not. So far so good, but it could all go up in smoke if he’s spotted at Pat’s or Geno’s.