Late to the party on this one, but 97.5 the Fanatic’s annual Fan Fest is a FanDuel partnership event this year.

It’ll feature a concert by Fall Out Boy and appearances from Nick Foles, Darren Sproles, Brian Dawkins, and Scott Hartnell, who will be out in front of the net, mucking and grinding and obstructing the goaltender’s view:

It’s at Xfinity Live, which is where the Fanatic has held the event in recent years. Same basic concept with all of the radio hosts being there. There are a couple of ways to get tickets, one of which is listening to 97.5 and showing up at some on-site events, listed here. First 100 people at the strip club get tickets and yadda yadda. There’s also a way to score tix via legal sports betting:

  1. opt-in on FanDuel Sportsbook
  2. Place a $25+ wager with cash on any market offered by the FanDuel Sportsbook during the promo period.
  3. Wager must be placed between 6/6/2023 and 8/25/2023 and must have odds of -300 or longer (IE -200, +100) to qualify
  4. Regardless of if your bet wins or loses, get one (1) FREE Ticket to “FanDuel FanFest” taking place in Philadelphia, PA on 8/26/23.
  5. Upon qualifying, customers will be emailed directions to claim their free ticket
  6. Customers must be physically present in New Jersey or Pennsylvania to place an Eligible Wager.
  7. Only the first 10,000 participants who place an eligible wager and claim their ticket will be able to attend.

As for the musical acts, no idea who “Rae Sremmurd” is. Looks like a hip hop duo from Mississippi, according to Google. But Fall Out Boy is a pretty big name for this. They were one of those bands who kind of sucked back in the day, but as music continued to get worse, you would pause and think, “hey maybe Fall Out Boy isn’t that bad.” They had some hits. No disrespect to Fall Out Boy.