We’re getting to that point in the Phillies season where the stories just write themselves. No-hitters, debut home runs, family members wearing “FUCK YOU” shirts, and all of that. Throw this guy in there as well:

There is nothing like a good double bird, this one after a 6-2 Phillies win that put the FIGHTINS (said, said) four games ahead in the Wild Card standings. They handled business against the stinky Royals and Nats and created some much-needed separation with Minnesota and Toronto on deck.

Where does this double bird rank in Philly sports history? It’s a good one. The granddaddy of them all, of course, is Philly urologist Richard Harkaway, who flipped Russell Westbrook the birds back in the day. There was a time when you could Google his office and this is what showed up:

I also appreciate the double birds flipped by this Jorge Masvidal-looking Eagles fan two years ago:

Go Birds. Go Phils. Good Friday morning.