Eagles season ticket holders received their 2023 gift and there’s been some griping on social, just like last year and the year before:


  • green flag that says SEASON TICKET MEMBER
  • green SEASON TICKET MEMBER magnet
  • plastic schedule + 2 mini schedules that you can put on your keychain
  • two Eagles player cards (that STH say are “paper bullshit like a cereal box“)
  • a note to season ticket holders with the fan code of conduct on the back
  • ‘thank you’ card with schedule on the back
  • Wawa 20% off catering offer
  • Dunkin Donuts promo
  • AAA promo

That’s the full list of items. On Twitter, a STH said “they put everything in the flag, folded it, and put a packing label on it. Lmao.” Sometimes the other local teams put their stuff in a cool box or whatever, but that’s not the case here, and Eagles STH have been seemingly underwhelmed with the annual gift for some time now. Last year they got a reusable bag, a key chain schedule, some stickers, and sponsor coupons.

It does not seem like the biggest deal in the world, since STH are paying thousands of dollars for premium seats and Eagles wins, not Birds flags and bags. But the Dunkin and AAA cards are corny. They can’t be serious with that. It’s almost like someone at NovaCare said, “hey what should do with this random shit laying around? I know, let’s throw it into the season ticket holder package!” The specially-branded flag and magnet are nice, but the sponsor cards don’t need to be in there. The gift might be better without them.

The Eagles are a well-run organization with an owner who gets it. Jeffrey Lurie and emotional intelligence. We’ve been over it before. But it seems like they cut corners in some areas, and you add up some of these little things, like limiting open practices, charging at the gate (for a good cause, of course), and phoning in the STH package. They’ve been whiffing when it comes to the marginal fan stuff. Still an amazing franchise that does mostly everything right, but they could be better in these peripheral areas. They could do a little bit more to say “we appreciate our most dedicated fans, the ones who spend thousands of dollars with us every year.”