Editor’s note: I didn’t approve this post. Pagan ignored the Sixers non-arena story ban and went rogue. We are determining an apt punishment.

Well that didn’t last 24 hours. If Kinker refuses to write about the Sixers, then I will. He might be my boss, but sometimes you need to go above the bow for the good of the company. And this drama between James Harden and the Sixers seems to be the tipping point of the iceberg.

Joel Embiid’s entire Twitter profile has been scrubbed of anything Sixers related as Sean Barnard pointed out on Twitter.

This League:


Conveniently, 10 hours after this tweet was sent out by Mike Meech:

Now if you ask me what I think is happening, it’s that some Under Armour intern scrubbed his profile not knowing the PTSD it’d give Sixers fans and now they’re having a meeting that could’ve been an email about what they should put in there – while setting the city on fire in The Process. But if this is some elaborate plan for Embiid to put some pressure on the Sixers, he can fuck right off. Enough of the trolling bullshit. You’re a 30-year-old married father who is an internet troll. Grow up. You want people to take you seriously and moment after moment you give them motivation not to. At this point you’re just a gnat buzzing in our ears. This shit isn’t even a blip on our radar. Add it to the dumpster fire. Have you seen all the bullshit we’ve been through over the last 10 years?

On the other end, we’ve got PJ Tucker aligning himself with James Harden via Instagram story:

PJ Tucker is getting paid $11 mil at 39 years old averaging Skip Bayless numbers. He should be kissing Daryl Morey’s feet. So he can fuck all the way off too.

It’s chaos right now and this is the guy in the middle of it all:

People are losing their shit over their favorite team and he’s making TikToks while getting rich off of cheap wine you could brew in a Kensington bath tub. He is the master at selling a fanbase a cheap bill of goods. This guy doesn’t give a fuck about any of us. The sickening part is I don’t even blame him.

This is the type of shit that happens when you don’t have any leaders in the locker room or throughout the franchise. Jimmy Butler already said it. He never knew who was in charge when he was there. Could you imagine Jalen Hurts or Bryce Harper allowing this bullshit to play out? Kyle Schwarber or Jason Kelce would nip shit in the ass so fast it’d make your head spin. I’m sick of these guys. From top to bottom they are a franchise with zero leadership. Zero accountability ever. There are no adults in the room. They lose again in the second round and they just fuck off to their mansions and Michael Rubin’s white party and we’re left holding the bag wondering where we go from here. I’d love for there to be an owner who could get this shit under control, but he’s wearing maroon and gold currently. Can you believe at one point the Sixers were the crown jewel in this city? That feels like 20 years ago. They’re starting to supplant the Flyers as the most poorly-run franchise.

The only thing we have left to complete the BINGO card is a Daryl Morey passive aggressive tweet with some funny shirt outside Delilah’s or something. Give me it!