Myles Jack might start to become a favorite of the trades around the city and not just if he performs on the field. He mentioned after practice Wednesday that he considered going to trade school to become an electrician or plumber before getting a call from the Birds:

He was pretty close to shouting, “BUCKLEY & COMPANY! THREE DAYS!” with Charisse instead of lining up with the 1’s in practice:


♬ original sound – YO MEMO


Another thing, gotta know what type of drawers we’re working with here. We’re they boxers? Tighty-Whiteys? Boxer briefs? Compression shorts? If he got a deal with the Eagles working out in boxers I guarantee Jack is going to ball out this season. Doing anything physical while wearing boxers is psycho shit. It’s like a gas fireplace in there. One wrong move and your balls could act like some sort of kindling rubbing up against some cardboard Hanes boxers. Plus the chafing? No mas.

Can Howie sneak some extra money into his deal so my guy can buy some more underwear and socks? He’s working with the damn first team for God’s sake and looking for BOGO deals at Ross:

P.S. Close relationship with Budda Baker, eh?

#HowieSZN is in hot pursuit.